As summer slowly comes to an end (always far too soon for my liking), it's time to get in the last few wears of some of my favorite summer outfits. This long black floral dress conjures up feelings of a geisha with a pinch of The Craft. Needless to say, I'm in love...

Usually this length make me look 2 feet tall since I'm already petite but the slits and lightweight material helped elongate my vertically challenged frame.

I also tired my hair back to elongate the neckline and kept all of my accessories in the same colour pallet (in this case black).

Sometimes black can look harsh in the summer (although I wear it to death all year round) the floral pattern keeps it breezy.

Peep toe mules for the ultimate comfort.

What Summer look will you be mourning?

What I wore:
Dynamite dress | TopShop sun glasses | Forever21 wedges | Brandy Melville necklaces
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