Lolë White Tour Toronto 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in this year's Lolë's White Tour. For those of you that have never heard of the event, the yoga brand Lolë does a multi-city sunset yoga tour. That's right, thousands of people flock to a central location (mine was the Exhibition Place in Toronto) to do an hour long yoga session while wearing all white to symbolize peace and unity.

Having not done yoga for a few months (since the middle of my third trimester with Taylor) I was a little nervous and recruited my mom to come with me for some moral support (and fun girls night away from baby!) The tour is open to all ages and levels so my mom (a newbie) and myself felt fairly comfortable attending. It was quite amusing that we looked like a group of (better dressed) extras from the cast of The Leftovers as we unrolled our new yellow yoga mats provided by Lolë. 

Once settled, my mom and I unrolled our mats and waited for the session to begin. They had a ton of volunteers to answer any questions and help with postures as well as a large stage and risers scattered throughout for the yogi's. Given our vantage point, some instructions were a little difficult for me to understand but given that there were so many people to doing the postures it was fairly easy to follow along. The session ran for just over an hour and being outside in perfect weather doing something to better my health felt amazing and really got me thinking of ways to incorporate more yoga in my life. Even small bouts of it while Taylor naps help me feel more limber and relaxed. 

We were also handed swag bags that had items including Biotherm products, Pure Leaf iced tea, Eska water and different vouchers and coupons for local companies and products. I should also mention that Oikos yogurt was a sponsor... if you know me, you know I eat their products every day, so basically I was in heaven.

All in all it was a great experience and even more fun that I got to spend some quality time doing something healthy with my mom. I would love to get a large group of friends and family together for next years tour! It would be such a great girls night (obviously boys are welcome but none of the guys I know do yoga and I need the hubby to stay in with the babe! lol)

 I'll definitely send out a tweet when it's announced so keep your eye out for next years event!

What I wore:
Hyba leggings and tank | Victoria Secret Pink sports bra

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