It's All In The Jeans

I'm sure you're probably tired of pictures of me in my jean shorts and Vans, but long walks (I'm talking all day here) require the most comfortable of footware! I love strappy sandals as much as the next gal but I'm not out here begging for blisters either. 

For me, the epitome of Summer is roaming the streets with a cool drink and wicked company. 
I will admit that since Taylor's arrival in mid April, I thought the long days in warm weather we're behind me but thanks to Pokémon Go, we've taken the family walks and naps to the great outdoors. 
Nothing beats a sleeping baby out in fresh air! 
On the really hot days, we make sure he is in light clothing and take frequent stops in shade and air conditioning. I'm also thinking of bringing a spray bottle along for a nice refreshing mist (for the whole family!)

Normally, I sport a nice summer dress because it takes all of the guess work and coordination out of putting on an outfit but since I'm always bending over to pick up Taylor and the winds can get crazy at Toronto's Harbourfront, I've been spending more time in shorts or super ripped jeans.

As you can see, I'm wearing my Bellabeat leaf (on the necklace attachment). 
I wouldn't dream of leaving home without it and missing out on the pedometer portion of it! I'm a walking machine! lol

I'm also a sucker for round sunnies and matching hardware earrings. These, mixed with the choker, gave this basic outfit a little edge.

What's your basic summer outfit? Do you live in demin or are dresses more your style?

What I wore:
Topshop shorts and sunnies | Forever21 shirt and earrings | Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker | Vans shoes | Brandy Melville choker
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