Take Off Your Disguise + You'll See Sunsets + Starlit Skies

2016 has plans to be the biggest most life altering year of my life. Am I excited? Definitely. Scared? A little. But more than that, I’m gearing up for quite the challenge. 
I understand that a lot of you are not parents, have no desire to be or it’s just not on your radar. I also know that there are some of you that are expecting, are new parents or are seasoned professionals. I will not be changing my blog to forgo my love for fashion in exchange for sweat pants and under-eye circles (although we all have those days!) but I will continue to be open with what is happening in my life including my favorite outfits (stretched over my growing bump! lol)

In late April, I will be having a baby boy and I’m told to expect a world of chaos. In the meantime however, I plan on sharing my fashion, beauty and love the same old way that I have been. I also encourage an open dialogue if something in my posts doesn’t jive with you. I am not a doctor therefore anything I say regarding my pregnancy is my own belief and not something to live your life by. Don’t worry, I won’t be getting all preachy, I’m mainly hoping that by discussing what’s happening in my life, others can take comfort in knowing that its par for the course.

Feel free to comment or email what you’d like to see over the next year, it can be anything at all!

What I Wore:

Forever21 dress | Modern Rebel boots | unknown (gifts) belt + necklace

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