Like A Pack Of Wolves They Don't Run Alone

After another gorgeous long weekend in Ontario, it's time we all got back to reality. For some of us worker bees, this means a short workweek (hooray!) and for all you students out there, it's the dreaded first week back after a hot, blissful hiatus. 

Like 90% of Toronto, I love to escape the city a few times each Summer for cottage country. So this past weekend, I packed my bag and headed up North. I don't know about you but every year (usually just before May 24) I  go in search of the perfect campfire outfit and a great bag. This year, for the first time ever, I decide to go local. I wont go into all of the pros to buying locally sourced and produced goods because most of you know them. I also understand that they tend to be more expensive and that can be a hard pill to swallow. Especially for millennials. But in a land where Forever21 and H&M are king, it never hurts to support a local, upcoming designer gain their ground.

I scooped this beauty up from YNOT, it comes with a ton of add-on features and can be easily customized. Ya heard me... customized. I'm talking colour, texture and a bunch of different little features. Score!

I foresee this beaut traipsing through Italy as I proudly represent #The6ix.
Do you have any travel plans up in the air or are you just day dreaming like me? 

What I Wore:

Forever21 crop top + skirt | YNOT backpack | Michael Kors sandles | Topshop sunglasses

Title cred: Bad Town, Operation Ivy

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