We Are The Children That Fell From Grace

Here in Toronto, the weather has been beyond gorgeous! 
I didn't need this blazer for the temperature, I wore it because it's gorgeous and I didn't want to waste half a tube of sun screen. lol 

Another Day In A Boring Town

Sometimes you just need to get out of the city and breathe some fresh air! 
I love living downtown but traipsing through fields and getting back to nature has a way of calming me down, especially when I can do it in a cute floral dress!

Take Me To The Sun, I Feel I'm Chasing Rainbows

Is it true? Is Spring finally here?! 
I constantly struggle with finding the balance between hot and cold in my office. When the weather is gorgeous outside, the a/c can chill you to the bone. 
For this reason alone, I love layers, even in the warmer months. 
Light sweaters and scarves aid in the temperature flux, when you're getting a little too much sunshine (I wish!) or when you get caught in a Spring shower.

So That I Don't Fall Off

Transition dressing can be so boring! 
I don't know about you but I'm not ready to ditch the warmth and hood of my winter jacket, yet I'd have to be crazy to don my Spring trench so soon. That's why I love a thicker wool or a thin down coat that can easily keep me on tempurature and on trend.

The Ribbon on My Wrist

I rarely wear a bold lip because I find it too high maintenance. That being said, this one matches my shirt so well, I'd be a fool not to slap it on.

I could point a finger, but you'd cut it off

Spring weather means bare ankles and light sweaters. 
I'm always looking for pieces that easily work all year round and this lightweight sweater from Loft is perfection! It's super soft and the cut is perfect on my frame. I added some edge with oxblood (faux!) leather pants and a hologram heel.

Eyes like a car crash

Like most people, winter temps make me crave layers and thick knits, but there's a fixed limit that I allow in my life and that limit has been reached. 
This winter has been dragging and as much as you may not be ready to break out the florals, cotton shirts and pants make great transition pieces. 
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