Take Off Your Disguise + You'll See Sunsets + Starlit Skies

2016 has plans to be the biggest most life altering year of my life. Am I excited? Definitely. Scared? A little. But more than that, I’m gearing up for quite the challenge. 

None Of The Colors Ever Light Up Anymore In This Hole

Baby it's cool outside and I know what you're thinking... You'd rather wear your sweater/jogger ensemble, burrito-ed in your Snuggie to work then a skirt. 
Do I blame you? HELL NO! 
There's nothing better that getting wrapped up in a comfy marshmallow of clothing but lets be honest, that just wont fly at the office. So what is a working girl to do, you ask? I say, roll out of bed, dust off your pantyhose and grow a pair! 

And The Bells Are Ringing Out For Christmas Day

'Tis the season for eggnog lattes and toasts with friends. For reflection on the previous year and how much (or little) you've grown as a person... and the anticipation for next one and everything that lies ahead. Everyone loves a new beginning. 
Even though it's getting chilly and your fashion sense is seriously cramped by your giant parka, it really is hard to hate the final countdown before the holidays. 

This Globe Though...

I think it's safe to say that Carly (check her out here) and I had a pretty good time at Optimum's 15th birthday party. Thanks Shoppers Drugmart!

Like A Pack Of Wolves They Don't Run Alone

After another gorgeous long weekend in Ontario, it's time we all got back to reality. For some of us worker bees, this means a short workweek (hooray!) and for all you students out there, it's the dreaded first week back after a hot, blissful hiatus. 

You Think You're In Like Sin But You're Way Too Far Behind

Here's another example of mixing patterns. For this look, I made sure that the fabric and texture were the same in the blazer and dress. This helped make them blend nicely together, even when the patterns clash. I paired it with this seasons favorite shoe, the mule.

What A Wicked Thing To Do

 White jeans. They are huge on the fashion scene yet I'm often asked how to pull them off. I find that if you stick to a few simple rules, you'll feel like a million bucks.
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