'I was raised in the valley'

I heart accessories!
 This is not a new admission, I rarely leave home with out them (and by rarely, I mean never.) Obviously my all time favorites are my wedding ring/band combo but I'll pretty much layer anything I can get my hands on. That being said, even though I absolutely love jewelry, I can't seem to shake my beauty background. 

'I'll be there for you, if you're there for me'

I'm not sure about the weather where you live but here in Toronto, it is absolutely freezing. The best way to stay gorgeous in the winter is finding cute dresses that are a thicker material (think wool, denim and interlock). This cotton dress from Tulula is one of my favorites. 

'we bleed like water colors'

Fashion. Seems somewhat trivial if your resolutions revolve around diet and finance. That is, if you make resolutions at all. 
I myself love them but I can appreciate that my husband doesn't understand the need to wait until January 1st to make a lifestyle change. My personal (and professional) resolutions are more goals than anything else. Some are 2015 specific whereas others are long-term ideas I plan to set in motion this year. 
Whatever your stance is, why not make a pact to yourself to amp up your work style? As someone working in the corporate world, I can relate to women that rotate through their key pieces when life gets busy. That being said, it's always great to breathe new life into wardrobe to detour from the mundane. 
Doing so will make you look and feel better to reach whatever goal you set your mind to.

'If we hope to be free it takes you and me'


One of my least favorite colours is blue. That being said, whenever I wear a rich royal blue, I get the most complements out of any colour I wear.
I'm not sure why but after a while, I started listening and learned to incorporate more of it into my wardrobe.

'When you cast a line'

I am not someone who packs up all of my summer clothes the minute winter rolls around. 
I much prefer layering my pieces over tights and tanks than having to wait a whole year before I get to wear them again. 

'Just static over the airwaves'

Cropped leather jackets have made room for the over-sized wool coats that are roomy enough for layers and make leaving the house in the morning slightly easier, even if it is only slightly. Winter is a time for soft textures and and boyfriend-fit everything to bring warmth to your wardrobe, just remember; it's all about balance.

'You only talk to those who look and act the way you do'

Some mornings are so chilly that even getting out of bed is painful! On days like that it is almost impossible to find me in anything but layers. The more, the better. This was one of those days... lol

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