You Think You're In Like Sin But You're Way Too Far Behind

Here's another example of mixing patterns. For this look, I made sure that the fabric and texture were the same in the blazer and dress. This helped make them blend nicely together, even when the patterns clash. I paired it with this seasons favorite shoe, the mule.

What A Wicked Thing To Do

 White jeans. They are huge on the fashion scene yet I'm often asked how to pull them off. I find that if you stick to a few simple rules, you'll feel like a million bucks.

Illusions Of Someday Casting A Golden Light

This lace dress is almost a gothic take on festival style (and I absolutely love it!) It is such an effortless summer look that can easily go from day to night.

This Isn't Pretty But It's What I Am Tonight

Have you ever put on a new outfit, took a look in the mirror and genuinely didn't know if it worked or not? 
I know it sounds ridiculous but every now and then I'll mix a couple different patterns and my eyes can't decide if it totally works or if it's a bust.

We Live Fast + Break It All

Summer is officially in full-swing and it seems as though every other weekend is jam packed with music festivals and happening events around the city. I, like many of you, love to dress for the occasion! I've worn this look to cottages, music festivals and picnics in the park (okay, I mean bevvies in Bellwoods: TO knows!) and I always feel super cute and put together.

Like A Spark On A Wire

When I first spotted this matching lace 2 piece, my heart skipped a beat!
 I love the combination of a high waisted skirt and tank and I found this specific cut ultra flattering.

We Are The Children That Fell From Grace

Here in Toronto, the weather has been beyond gorgeous! 
I didn't need this blazer for the temperature, I wore it because it's gorgeous and I didn't want to waste half a tube of sun screen. lol 
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